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Susan’s Justice Fund Founder $10,000 and above

The Eder family of San Diego

“Susan delighted at the ideas of funding the 2 new non-commercial FM Community Radio stations approved in the border region … and to fund grassroots social justice projects and civic involvement initiatives.”

Susan’s Justice Legacy $5,000 and above

SL Green Realty – New York

“Susan, our friend and colleague, so strong and courageous, always strived for excellence both personally and professionally.

Through her visionary community contributions, she showed us what it means to live with integrity, tenacity and unconditional love for what she believed in. We encourage others to join us with your generous support for the Susan West Friedman Fund for Civil and Human Rights.”

— Your friends at SL Green Realty Corp. – New York

Susan’s Justice Soul Mate $ 2,500 and above

Susan’s Cherished Colleague $ 1,000 and above

Susan’s Visionary Justice Partner $ 500 and above

San Diego friends of Susan and Martin

“She gave endlessly; may the circle be unbroken.” Verronica, Miriam, Bob and Antonia, Trish, Matt, Suzie and Gregg, Rick & Susan, Drew and Puma, Carol, Joni, Carmen and Allendis, Victor and Fabiola and many others.”

Transformational Justice Friend $ 250 and above

Rebecca Margolis and Dale Steele of San Diego

“We encourage others to also contribute on a yearly basis to sustain the extraordinary community empowerment projects, which Susan began.”

Ana Maria Murrillo-Eder of Berkeley

“Susan gave to so many causes. Here is a small way to continue the her legacy.”

Carry Justice Forward’ Friend $ 100 and above

Jay and Suha Jaykumar

“Susan would like more youth and disadvantaged to have the opportunity to experience participation in the US Social Forum”

Michelle Krug of San Diego

“Susan was a valiant example; she wanted justice and equity for everyone.”

Treasured Friend $50 and above

Loving Friend $50 or less

Lucilla Conde of San Diego/Tijuana, Mexico

“Susan was out there supporting everyone else. This small donation is a way of giving back.”

Glaydis and Gill Palast

“Susan was dedicated AND charming! On behalf of Greg, Gill and myself some small token for now and we will volunteer time to get Susan’s Fund established.”